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Hello! My name is Dr. V.A. Williams... affectionately known as "Mama Doc"... and I'm your your child's School Counselor at McCormick Elementary School!
I am married to John Williams, who is a Coordinator of Alternative Education in a local school district, as well as a Chaplain for Hospice. Together we have four wonderful sons: Paul, John, David and Joshua. During my 28 years, I have played many "positions" on the EDUCATION TEAM: Teacher's Aide, English Teacher, CTAE Coordinator, Alternative Education Director, Graduation Coach and now... Professional School Counselor.   I am also a writer, editor and motivational speaker. I strive daily to become the very "reflection" of CHARACTER to anybody I meet!  

The coordination of programs that provide students exposure to the possibilities of success in a field of interest will continue to be my passion. The realization that a “hobby” can become a career… is the “hook” that leads many to successful careers through various pathways. Because of my career journey, I have developed an educational philosophy that is simple: “A+B+C=D… Attendance+ Behavior+ Credits= Diploma”. A true goal cannot be realized if one essential component is missing… Such is the “missing” link between practice and perfection in regards to classwork and the world-of work! The relationship between academics and the world-of work solidifies life-long social/emotional, academic and behavioral growth... no matter the grade-level.

1. My favorite color is yellow!
2. My two favorite superheros are... the YELLOW POWER RANGER and WONDER WOMAN
3. I LOVE Cooking, Reading/Writing, Gardening and Landscaping