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I am honored and excited to be selected to serve as the Principal of McCormick Elementary School.  My heart has been dedicated to serving this district and community for all 26 years of my educational career.  I have never wanted to be anywhere else.   My love and passion for this community and our students grows stronger each year.  

I was raised in a family who values public education.  My mother retired from Greenville County School District, my father is a graduate and former football player at McCormick High School, and my Grandfather even served on the McCormick School Board. I am a proud mother of two grown children, Toby and Becca. I also have a wonderful daughter in law, Kelsey, and beautiful granddaughter, Emerson.  She is her “Grangie’s” pride and joy!

I have three  main goals.  First and foremost I will keep the students and adults safe, both physically and mentally.  I take pride in always building culture and climate through relationships with all of our stakeholders.  My philosophy has always been that every child can succeed.  Secondly, I have and will set high expectations so that every will be successful. We will only use the most effective, researched based strategies and practices to create the best learning environment.  We are strides above many schools in innovative practices. Our students deserve only the best.   Which leads me to the third goal.  I want everyone (in the community, the state, and beyond) to know and see all of these great things taking place in our school.  I will make sure to share the real “gold mine” which we have at McCormick Elementary School and put us on the map of excellence.

Every decision made will be student-centered.  I strongly believe in the team approach with all of our stakeholders and need your help. These relationships are critical to student success. I encourage all stakeholders to become involved in every way possible.  Be a positive light and promoter for your students and our school, and I promise to do the same.  I look forward to the collaboration and support we will give to each other by always sticking together for what is best for our students. I vow to give all students an environment that sets them up for a bright future.  I look forward to us working together and guiding our students through the love and support they deserve. 

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