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Angelia Sibert

My name is Angelia Sibert.  I am entering my 10th year of teaching at McCormick Elementary School in Special Education.  I won teacher of the year this year 2021/22 and I am so proud to represent my Elementary School Family! I worked as a Teacher's Assistant for many years before deciding to pursue my degree in Special Education.  I now have a Dual Bachelor's degree in Elementary and Special Education.  Currently, I am teaching K through 2nd grade students and I absolutely love it!  I grew up in Clarks Hill, SC, which is in McCormick County and I graduated from McCormick High School.  I obtained my Bachelor's Degree from Grand Canyon University.  I love working in my hometown and knowing everybody that is here.  I feel I have a personal stake in all of my students education and well being.  I live in Clarks Hill with two of my sons and one daughter.  My oldest son lives in Greenwood, SC.  My children and my grandchildren keep me pretty busy, but I also love reading and binge watching Netflix.